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Mission Statement:
Sustainable Wind produced Energy for and on Waiheke Island by 2009.


The Waiheke Wind "Wind Map" has been completed by the University of Canterbury and it shows a sufficient wind.

The break even point in the economic viability of the project as of 2002 required a wholesale electricity price of 6.5 cents. In 2002 the price was 3.5 cents. It is now over 7 cents and rising. Our 2009 target date was close and the project is now viable.

About WISE:
WISE, founded in 2002, is a growing, non-political initiative of Waiheke residents. The only requirement is a love for Waiheke Island, a decision to establish Waiheke as the first in line to its own renewable source of electricity, and a desire to maintain Waiheke Island’s sustainability for our children. more»

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"I find it hard to imagine craggy mountain peaks without snow. Using hilltop breezes to generate power seems to me, to be a great way to reduce the effects of global warming, and keep snow where it belongs."
Sir Edmund Hillary

No other wind farm location is like Waiheke Island. By virtue of its location, it has the unique potential for creating a renewable energy that makes economic sense, iconic status, increasing visitor numbers, and showcasing New Zealand's sustainability commitment to the world due to its proximity to Auckland.
No other remote or energy-vulnerable location in New Zealand, better fits the experts’ mandated criteria for an embedded Wind Farm as does Waiheke Island.



Over 2000 phone calls placed to Waiheke residents.

Approximately 905 calls connected.

Approval of Wind Farms in general: Over 90%

Approval of a Wind Farm on Waiheke: 87%


Energy Trusts of New Zealand submission to The NZ Electricity Commission
05 Feb 05

General Comments on Report

....2005 is an Election Year and politicians should take note of consumer interests. There is a general feeling by consumers, especially domestic consumers, that the only heavily regulated part of the industry is their investment in lines companies and there is strong opinion that they are being ripped off by the unregulated retail companies continually pushing up the prices.

This is a political industry and the public believe that the Bradford reforms have been a complete disaster. Security and stability of supply has decreased, prices have escalated especially for voters and generator/retailers have maximised profits from the market – leaving the consumer to pay. Unless significant changes such as removal of cross ownership are made or recommended to the Government there is a risk that the market will be severely modified with no or little benefit to the consumer – who is the key focus for the whole electricity industry.

The key will be to ensure action is taken on the matters contained in the report.

For the entire report, click here.

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