Why Waiheke Island should have a wind farm?

Waiheke Island is at the total mercy of power generation from the mainland. It is also at the total mercy of mainland pricing and electricity delivery to Waiheke from the mainland.

Waiheke Island is 8 km from the mainland, and its electricity supply comes across the Tamaki Strait by underwater cable.

Waiheke Island has the wind resource required to generate its own independent electricity supply. It also has a consumption factor which make a wind farm feasible, but only with support. (Site testing on specific sites will be necessary to determine the viable economics of a wind farm.)

No other wind farm location exists like Waiheke Island. By virtue of its location, it has the unique potential for overwhelming publicity, iconic status, increasing tourism, and showcasing New Zealand's sustainability commitment to the world.

No other “remote, outlying or energy-vulnerable” location in New Zealand fulfills the energy experts and New Zealand Government mandated criteria, for an embedded Wind Farm.

The public perception of Waiheke Island has changed in the past decade. Waiheke Wind would be a further enhancement of Waiheke Island's reputation.

Some of the Reasoning for a Wind Farm on Waiheke Island

  • Security of Supply and a measure of protection from possible future disruption of supply. It would be first in the line of its own renewable, sustainable supply.

  • Price stability. Possible lower future electricity bills than those in the general market.

  • Increased Waiheke Economy and Employment.

  • Increased Waiheke Tourism from Wind Farm visitors - another reason to visit!

  • Possible Iconoclastic status - reputation as the example for the Auckland region.

  • Enhanced Waiheke status in the forefront of sustainable, green energy.

  • Educational opportunities and enhanced interest in Waiheke for its Sustainable Energy.

  • Enhanced view and perception of Waiheke Island.

  • Enhanced internal community pride and security.

  • Increased Island independence and feeling of independence.

  • Quiet, efficient, harmless to wildlife.

  • Helping New Zealand comply with the Kyoto protocol.

  • Displacement of thousands of tons of Carbon Dioxide CO2 emissions into the air.

  • Waiheke is an example for use in Waiheke schools and other area schools.

  • Waiheke sets an example for other communities.

  • Visitation & Education visitation from other communities and schools.

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