Notable Quotes:
"I find it hard to imagine craggy mountain peaks without snow. Using hilltop breezes to generate power seems to me, to be a great way to reduce the effects of global warming, and keep snow where it belongs."
Sir Edmund Hillary

“ We need policies to stimulate more environmentally efficient forms of power generation. Electricity suppliers will be obliged to generate 30PJ of additional energy, from renewable sources, by 2012.”
New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark. 2003

 " Generators have enjoyed significant profits but have failed to invest in further generation, and there is no centralized or long term planning within the industry to meet New Zealand's increasing energy consumption.
" In particular, the State Owned generators who are responsible for over 70% of electricity generation have a dismal investment record - at least in New Zealand.
“ Lack of investment in new power generation by the major players in the industry will create power shortages and price hikes in the next few years.”
Warren Kyd, Chairman of Auckland Energy Consumer Trust

 "The issue with the present market is that thermal generation sets the price for the market-and this can only mean a significant increase in electricity prices."
Dr George Hooper of the Centre for Advanced Engineering, Canterbury University

 "The problems New Zealand now faces is that it takes considerable time to get Resource Consents, then construct and commission new generation and transmission line capacity."
Former Transpower chief executive Mr Bob Thomson

"Under the present system, getting consents could go on for years - we need some provisions which recognize the National interest."
Dr Ralph Craven, CEO, Transpower

 "It is far more efficient to transport an electron over a wire than to ship coal from one end of the country to the other simply to fuel a power station in Auckland."
Electrical and Mechanical Engineer, Bryan Leyland, Board of Directors, Vector
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