What is WISE?

 "I find it hard to imagine craggy mountain peaks without snow.
Using hilltop breezes to generate power seems to me,
to be a great way to reduce the effects of global warming, and keep snow where it belongs."
Sir Edmund Hillary

What is WISE?

Waiheke Initiative for Sustainable Energy

WISE, founded in 2002, is a growing, non-political initiative of Waiheke residents. The only requirement is a love for Waiheke Island, a decision to establish Waiheke as first in line to its own renewable, source of electricity, and a desire to maintain Waiheke Island’s sustainability for our children.

The task is preparing for the energy crisis coming to New Zealand. WISE seeks to secure a future of green, plentiful, and sustainable energy for Waiheke Island, and on Waiheke Island. In the past, Wind Energy has been a political issue, due to the costs involved in generation, compared to our current sources. However with looming price increases expected with the status quo, Wind Energy has become an affordable and realistic option. Wind Energy is NO LONGER a political issue, but one of common sense. The following pages and links provide information that show beyond doubt - wind energy's time has come. Wind energy is now quiet, efficient, cost competitive, with minimal impact on the environment and wildlife.

What is the opposite of WISE?

To continue on the same non-sustainable, non-Waiheke-based mainland sourced energy path, and not prepare for Waiheke's future energy needs. It would be unwise to rely on this status quo, especially when we know an energy crisis is looming. It is equally unwise to do nothing, when a realistic alternative is available and achievable. To think outside the square for solutions to the future energy crises is WISE. All that is required now is a visible demonstration of continued community support.

Is WISE really necessary?

Yes! Although the current NZ government has encouraged education and awareness of the need for developing sustainable wind energy, action in those warranted cases which have merit is needed. The NZ government, many power companies, executives and academics have sounded dire warnings. (see link below) Future requirements for solar hot water in new homes has been announced in anticipation of the energy crisis.

This means Waiheke electricity customers will be paying 2 to 4 times more for electricity than now. Rates have climbed 40% in the past 5 years. Waiheke Wind will be able to produce 65%-80% of Waiheke's energy at one-half the predicted electricity prices in 2009. If we can get Waiheke Wind built before, all the better.

Waiheke is now at the “tail end” of the mainland electricity supply line.

All non-Waiheke-based electricity retailers have increased their prices (11/04) - even though wholesale electricity prices have fallen during the year 2004. What will happen when wholesale prices actually rise - as predicted?

Waiheke Wind will graduate from possible to probable, only with the registration of support from most of the Island’s electricity consumers. However, Waiheke may have it, and be the beneficiary, simply by supporting WISE at no cost whatsoever. Waiheke Wind can become a reality with your support of the WISE initiative at no cost.

Although Waiheke Island is fortunate in having Vector as its lines company, they have no control over the supply and price of electricity. Vector has upgraded the Waiheke Island grid to a capacity of twice peak demand. Not many other lines companies have exhibited this level of community responsibility, and Waiheke Island has been the beneficiary.

How will it work?

As of 15 February 2005, WISE has completed a 25 month analysis, consulting with the major New Zealand entities and individuals necessary to ascertain the suitability of Waiheke for its own wind farm. The results have been positive on a local, regional and national basis, which takes the Waiheke Wind Farm one step closer to becoming a reality.

The WISE Initiative Guarantee:

Cost neutrality for Waiheke Wind customers’ electricity bills is the intention of WISE. It will not pursue or support any deviation from this. WISE intends to develop a wind farm that will supply Waiheke Island customers with green sustainable energy at the same price or less than the non-Waiheke-based suppliers charge.

In addition, supporters who sign up early will receive special dispensation in:

  • Never paying more than the other non-Waiheke electric providers charge.
  • Preferential electricity prices based on lower “fixed cost” production prices.

A meaningful show of support must be in place BEFORE any of the serious and costly preparations begin.

Further the government recently established the Electricity Commission, in which it mandates a set of objectives, and a 2005-06 mission statement, which includes a better hope for Waiheke Initiative for Sustainable Energy.

What will it cost me to support WISE?


At least 50% of Waiheke must support WISE, in order for Waiheke Wind Farm to be economically viable.

To help, and/or join the WISE thousands who will benefit, please register your support before leaving this web site! For Waiheke to of having affordable and continuing electricity supply, it must be generated on the Island, and for the Island, you can make Waiheke Wind possible! register by clicking here…

Waiheke Wind Farm will be a Waiheke employer. When electricity supplies are rationed and prices skyrocket, the Waiheke price and supply will be steady! Construction will also be an economic boost to Waiheke. The tourism success of other wind farm projects around the world means the Waiheke Wind Farm would become one of Waiheke Island's top tourist attractions.

The WISE Initiative guarantees a green, and sustainable energy future for Waiheke Island.

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