How popular is wind energy?
It's popular. Wind energy is one of the most popular energy technologies. A public opinion survey conducted by UMR Research in May 2004 showed that for the New Zealanders wind power is the most preferred energy-generating source.

Wind-generated electricity is approved by 82% of New Zealanders and more than 40% of New Zealanders would prefer our future electricity needs be met by wind power than by any other source. Christchurch residents, females and younger New Zealanders recorded stronger preferences for wind power.

Some residents may be apprehensive about any proposed local wind developments. When accurate information and knowledge is made available, experience shows that the initial concerns are reduced and support for wind farm schemes increases. A poll undertaken in Scotland shows for example that before construction of the Scottish wind farms studied, 12% of people living near the sites thought that the turbines would cause a noise nuisance, but after construction, when people had experience of the wind farm operating, only 2% thought they were noisy. (1)

For more information see: UMR survey


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