Why is there opposition to wind farms?
Local opposition to proposed wind farms usually arises because some people perceive that the development will spoil the view that they are used to. It is true that a large wind farm can be a significant change, but while some people express concern about the effect wind turbines have on the beauty of our landscape, others see them as elegant and beautiful, or symbols of a better, less polluted future.

The increased utilisation of renewable energy and greater use of wind power will mean that we will have more of these structures visible in our townscape and landscape in the future. But the organisations supporting this website believe that building more wind farms is vital for tackling climate change and that New Zealand should be ready to embrace these developments - obviously whilst following sensible siting criteria.

The visual effect of wind farms is a subjective issue, but most of the other criticisms made about wind energy today are exaggerated or untrue, and simply reflect attempts by particular groups to discredit the technology, worry local communities and turn them against renewable energy schemes. Anti-wind groups have been particularly effective at using local media, and have been able to create highly emotive and divisive reaction in local communities, where sensible discussion of the issues is forgotten.
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