De-bunking The Myths:

Quotes from visitors books

Wind energy is one of the most popular renewable energy technolgies. Turbines generate electricity from a fuel that is entirely free and will never run out. However, there are many misconceptions about wind energy, which can create the impression that wind farms are very unpopular.

In fact, people who have direct experience of a wind project, either from visiting one or because they live in the area, tend to be more positive than those who do not. Selected quotes taken from wind farm visitor books of resident questionnaires show what people who know what they are talking about really think of wind energy!

"How would you describe these wind turbines?"
Cold Northcott Wind Farm Questionnaire

  • "Fascinating view of the future" - Mrs E Bloom, St Albans
  • "Graceful, elegant and beautiful - I want one" - K Tregidden, Cornwall
  • "Not uncomplimentary to the unimpressive landscape" - DE Bolton, Devon
  • "25m high with a big blade on top!" - P Smith, Gloucester
  • "Interestingly architectural" - F Narburgh, Worcester
  • "Pretty and in harmony with the landscape and farming" - D Hyde, Cornwall
  • "Utterly beautiful" - J Buckland, Nottingham
  • "A new and necessary feature of our landscape" - Mrs B Craddock, Isle of Wight
  • "Relaxing, very quiet, elegant" - Mrs Colley, West Midlands
  • "Large surreal flowers" - anonymous
  • "Visions of the future, give it 50 years and no-one will think twice when they see one", ED Pieniazec, Berkshire
  • "Very relaxing to watch, but not enough of them! I want one of my own in the garden" - D Beazer, Cornwall

Visitors Centre Book at Delabole Wind farm

  • "Here's hoping that ignorance doesn't hamper progress" - Mr and Mrs Watson, Carlisle (21.6.95)
  • "Inspiring. The future now looks a little rosier" - G Shillam (9.4.94)
  • "Superb...A real asset to the landscape. V. Good" - T Driver, Cardiff (2.4.94)
  • "Really windy but they're so quiet. The future power" - Louise Grindod, Middlesex. (21.4.94)
  • "I can't for the life of me see what people can complain about. I feel much safer living with a windfarm" - Vera Jones, Truro (26.10.93)
  • "Report of excessive noise greatly exaggerated" - Barbara Wiltch, Dorset (30.9.93)
  • "Silent energy" - Kathleen and Alf Jebb, Darwen, Lancs. (2.5.92)
  • "Very exciting to see these machines, harmonious to the landscape and harmless" - Hazel Ellison, Dartington (7.5.92)
  • "More should be built in this country" - The Wheadon family, Somerset (9.8.95)
  • "Visually more pleasing than pylons" - DA Norton, Leamington Spa 12.5.92)
  • "This is surely the way forward to a cleaner and safer future" - Jackie and David Reid-Simms (8.8.95)
  • "Here at last! An inspiration for the future" - Adam Williams, Bucks. (27.5.95)
  • "Beans means Delabole" - L Cleave, Bristol (3.6.92)
  • "You can still hear the birds singing" - Mr and Mrs McCann, Gwent (2.5.95)
  • "Great improvement on air pollution" - T Mead, Scunthorpe (10.6.92)
  • "We had been told they were ugly and noisy, - wrong - they are quiet and look far better than pylons" - Malcom McInnes Fareham (5.9.94)
  • "Maybe smaller electric bills?" - HA & MC Pritchard, Dorset (6.7.92)

Trysglwyn Wind Farm Open Day, Saturday 22 June, 1996.

  • "Far better, prettier and quieter than expected. Positive convert" - Ryosybol resident
  • "Clean, efficient, maintenance free and Enviro-friendly. Lovely artistic shape, lends great interest to an area which otherwise would be bland" - Holyhead resident
  • "...No long term or disposal effects [with] spent fuel rods and nuclear waste. More pleasing to the eye than Wylfa or development of Wylfa B and if it goes wrong we won't all fry!!" - Ryosybol resident
  • "the power source is free and non polluting....This is the future and the land use and visual affects are good" - Cemaes Bay resident

Carno Wind Farm Open Days, Friday 25th and Saturday 26th October, 1996

  • "No foundation for those much trumpeted noise complaints....the generators are aesthetically pleasing in this landscape" - Resident of Llanfair Caereinion
  • "With all the fuss in the press I expected a lot more noise.... I think I will learn to live with wind farms" - Carno resident.
  • "It is out of anyone's way and far better than lines of fir trees" - Churchstone resident

  • "Before this visit I was strongly opposed but now believe that in certain situations they are acceptable" - Visitor from Leeds

Want to find out more?

Numerous opinion polls into peoples' attitudes to wind energy have been carried out over the last ten years, and each reaches the same conclusion - people are generally in favour of wind energy in the UK.

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